Andragogical material

Andragogical material for the implementation of the Family Education “MeTURA-Back to the Roots” is an innovative teaching tool for the implementation of the innovative Family Education MeTURA for educators and family members who, in the lifelong learning process, also act as educators of adult family members with intellectual disorders (AFMID) in the home environment. 

If you would wish to start conducting therapeurtic gardening and therapeutic cooking,  the andragogical material will provide you tips, models and resources to start with the activities. 

The material is divided into two parts:
The first part is to be used by educators or family members who will act as mentors when carrying out therapeutic gardening and therapeutic cooking tasks. It includes activity sheets gardening and cooking activities (chapter 2 and 3) and activities that go along with gardening and cooking activities and are designed in a way to improve the basic skills and knowledge of those with intellectual disabilities (chapter 4). Chapter 5 includes an evaluation grid for determining the level of knowledge/competences prior and after taking part in activities of therapeutic
gardening and cooking.
Second part is written in easy-to-read format and is intended to be used by the
learners, (those with intellectual disabilities) with the help of those supporting them.
It includes recipe sheets for gardening (step by step instructions how to carry out
certain tasks) and cooking recipes.

Click HERE to download the material.