Final international conference Litija is coming in 2021:

Final Conference is predicted for the year 2021 and will be organized by IC Geoss and Zveza Sozitje. Central event will take place in the large meeting room of Municipality Litija, accompanied events will be held  at IC Geoss and at the premises of Zveza Sozitje throughout Slovenia. Final conference will be an important part of the dissemination. Project results will be spread among guests, invited will be representatives of partners, vulnerable adults, local and national partners, representatives of adult education institutions (public, private, NGO), representatives of families of adult family members with intellectual disorders (AFMID), representatives of labor market institutions, social partners and decision makers of partner countries. Through contributions and discussion, the participants will promote the importance of spreading new innovative lifelong learning programs, learning opportunities for vulnerable adults, which enable personalized non-institutional education and the convergence of educational offerings.

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