Training Ljubljana

Between 6 – 9 July 2021 a 3-day joint staff training was organized by Education centre Geoss. Project partners met in Slovenia (in Ljubljana and Litija) and some partners joined online, since the COVID-19 restrictions did not allow them to travel to Slovenia.  

 During the training participants visited two organizations that work with persons with intellectual disabilities and include in their work elements of therapeutic gardening and therapeutic cooking: Center for education, work and care Draga and Occupational day centre Zasavje, unit Litija. 

Other activities of the training were: presenting and sharing expereinces in the national pilot workshops, reviewing and discussing on possible deficiency detected during the pilot workshops and possible improvements that can be made to the intellectual outputs of the project. 

Each partner prepared a practical activity, related to the project, in the filed they have most knowledge and expertise:

  • EC Geoss – activity for learning basic skills and knowledge
  • Danilo Dolci – ice breaker activity or motivational technique
  • Thrive – gardening activity
  • UOSIKAŽU – cooking activity
  • Zveza Sožitje – tips for preparing ETR materials