Training Ljubljana

3-day joint staff training will be organized at the premises of Zveza Sozitje partner organization in Ljubljana for 2 representatives of each partner organization. Each partner will appoint one of the professionals from the field of lifelong learning for persons with intellectual disabilities and an educator who will also participate in testing workshops Family Training MeTURA in the local partner environments. During the training, participants will evaluate the experience of the performed test workshops with educators, learning families and adult family members with intellectual disabilities (AFMID). Training will include group discussion about the planned results of the project; testing and evaluation of intellectual results; exchange of knowledge, opinions and experiences; development of necessary competences; development of new ideas of the andragogic lifelong learning of families and AFMID. On the basis of results of pre-testing their own competencies and andragogical approaches, participants will develop high-quality competences in the interdisciplinary partnership environment for the implementation of lifelong learning for families and AFMID; identify and develop new potential solutions to the learning difficulties identified by the learners and the possibilities of systematic implementation of MeTURA Family Training in partner countries. Established co-operation of educators will be the potential for a lasting joint development of innovative learning opportunities for vulnerable adults.

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