National conferences coming in 2020/21:


There are four national conferences scheduled within the MeTURA project:

National conference “MeTURA – Learning for life, Karlovac 2021”

National conference  “MeTURA – Learning for life, London 2021”

National conference “MeTURA – Learn for life, Slovenia 2020” – Conference program

National conference  “MeTURA – Learning for life, Palermo, Italy 2021”

The purpose of the national conferences is to connect local and national stakeholders in the filed of adult education, social care, public health, civil society and policy makers of adult education, labor market institutions, NGOs, professional, relevant public, families with vulnerable groups of adults. The aim is to present and evaluate results, initiate ongoing and permanently dissemination of results. This will make the relevant public aware of the importance of Family Learning MeTURA- Back to the Roots, for personal life of families and as a new learning offer by the adult education institutions.

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