Training London

3-day joint staff training will be organized at the premises of Thrive partner organization in London for 2 representatives of each partner organization. Each partner will appoint one of the professionals from the field of lifelong learning for persons with intellectual disabilities and a representative of staff who actively participates in learning processes in local environments and will play a key role in disseminating acquired knowledge in partner environments. Participants will acquire competences for identifying and developing new possible solutions to the perceived learning difficulties of learning and systemic gaps in adult education. The mutual cooperation of educators will be strengthened, as a potential for new development of projects for innovative learning opportunities for vulnerable adults. After the completion of the training, the trained participants will be holders of local training courses, where they will disseminate acquired knowledge and skills among colleagues, educators of the institutions of associated partners and among all relevant stakeholders of MeTURA project in local/national environment. Trained trainers will also be the managers of the testing workshops of the Family Training of MeTURA in partner institutions with learning families and AFMID in classrooms, garden and kitchen.

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