UOSIKAŽU is a non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary, charitable association founded in 1981 by several founders of disabled people with the aim to defend, develop the interests and well-being of persons with special needs according to the principles: respect for personal dignity and personal autonomy, freedom of decision and independence and accepting disability as part of human diversity, promoting equal opportunities, greater accessibility, preserving one’s own identity. Target groups: people with different types of disabilities: persons with mental disorders, cerebral palsy, neuromuscular disorders, paraplegics, people with chronic or malignant diseases and multiple sclerosis.

The goal of UOSIKAŽU is to raise the level of awareness in society about the needs and problems encountered by disabled people every day, about the potentials they have, about the possibilities of their LL. They improve the quality of everyday life of people with disabilities, promote protection / human rights, and provide information on legal regulations and how to achieve them. They provide legal / psychological support to disabled people, help them in designing quality leisure time, sharing experiences, learning. They provide counselling in the information office UOSIKAŽU in Karlovac and info boards in Plaški. They promote the active participation of people with disabilities in all activities of the social community and actively cooperation with a wide network of non-governmental organizations, associations in the district, the region, local authorities, social work center, educational institutions and the police. They are implementing a number of actions in local communities involving persons with disabilities in working groups, commissions at regional / local level: exchange of knowledge, skills, experience in providing innovative services for them, and strengthening their role as an equal partner in the social / educational negotiations service to reduce institutionalization.