Izobraževalni center Geoss is a non-profit adult education center founded and owned by the Municipality of Litija. We are implementing publicly recognized formal secondary education programs for adults, higher educational programs for adults, informal publicly valid educational trainings for young people and adults for more than 50 years. We are implementing education programs for integration of foreigners, programs for obtaining additional professional and personal competences for the development of young people and adults who have more problems entering the labour market, social inclusion, media literacy.

In cooperation with the employment office, center for social work, NGOs, private and public institutions, schools, we develop and implement inclusive andragogic programs and materials for their educators/mentors/counsellors and for vulnerable adults with fewer opportunities – their adult members/clients/target groups (immigrants , migrants, refugees, rural population, people with intellectual disabilities, unemployed, lower educated, drop-outs, elderly people, people with mild disorders-dyslexia, disabled people).

In IC Geoss, approximately 1000 adult learners per year are involved in various educational programs. In our work we follow local, regional, national and wider European needs in line with European values.